How can I pass WAEC without cheating? 15 Killer Tips

How can I pass WAEC without cheating? 13 Killer Tips: If you think that it is impossible to pass your West African Senior School Certificate Examination without cheating, then you are very wrong. In this article, we will answer your question on how you can pass your WAEC without cheating. This will help to curb examination malpractice among WAEC candidates.

Please note that you can use these tips here to pass any examination, including JAMB, GCE, NECO, NABTEB, and even university examinations.

If you follow the instructions here, you can actually pass your WAEC in just one sitting. There will be no need to use two sittings during your post-UTME screening because you might have cleared all your subjects in the first sitting.

Tips to Pass WAEC Without Cheating in One Sitting

To pass WAEC without cheating, you will need to follow the steps that have been laid down in this article.

Classes:  Attend Classes Daily and Take Notes

Attendance in class is essential to academic achievement. A previous article I wrote discussed how to graduate from any university with honors, and I emphasized the value of consistent attendance as a means of achieving academic achievement. Class attendance might get you up to a 15 in certain schools.

Attending courses will help you learn more effectively because you can study and take notes, which will improve your understanding even more than merely earning a mark on an exam.

You must concur with me, then, that attending lessons during regular business hours is essential to passing any exam. Or do you not believe so? See the following tip after that.

Make It a Habit to Read After Classes

Students often make the mistake of putting off reading until exam times. They will simply feel more stressed and burdened as a result of this deed while they read. Under pressure or stress, a pupil can never achieve at an exceptional level. The best course of action is to develop the habit of studying one’s notes and tests following each lesson.

You may all agree that studying one note and revising it thoroughly is an essential component of exam preparation that will increase your success. I strongly suggest this exam success tip because it will reduce the amount of reading you have to do throughout the test.

Have A Timetable

Reading at random following each lesson can be somewhat confusing. So what is the cure? Establish a timetable for yourself. I promise you that making your own timetable will help you stay organized and improve your chances of passing all of your tests with good grades, even though you will still likely adhere to the one that the school suggests.

Do you agree that following a reading schedule is an excellent study strategy for acing any test? Now, let’s examine the next exam success advice.

Study With Past Questions

One of the most important exam success strategies that most students frequently ignore is using former questions as a study guide. The important part is this: You can gain an insight of the exam’s breadth by looking through previous questions. You won’t find it difficult to respond to questions with the help of previous questions and answers, and you’ll probably come across similar questions throughout the test.

One of the most important strategies for passing tests is to use previous questions and answers to prepare for them. This cannot be emphasized enough. So feel free to visit and obtain previous questions and answers to support you.

Have A Study Group or Partner

Is it true that no man can live on an island and that no tree can ever become a forest? You will undoubtedly require assistance and company because you cannot possibly know everything on your own. The popular biblical saying “Iron sharpeneth Iron” is genuine. Clubs and fraternities are formed in schools for the purpose of rubbing shoulders with like-minded people.

Finding a group of coworkers who share your interests to join a study group where you will all assiduously pursue academic excellence would be highly beneficial. These kinds of groupings will fill in the gaps and cover the flaws.

Use Memory Techniques when reading

Using memory techniques when learning is one important study strategy that I picked quite early in life. Using memory strategies can help you retain the information you have learned. Mnemonics are a crucial memory strategy that I personally employ.

The use of acronyms as concepts is known as mnemonics. creating a meaningful and pronounceable acronym by starting each word of the planetary bodies with a different letter.

Always Ask Questions during classes

During my undergraduate years, I made the grave error of staying mute in class when I didn’t grasp what was being taught. A brief explanation can have a big impact. It’s always impossible to predict which answer will come up on test day.

Do you also think that seeking assistance and asking questions might be useful strategies for acing exams?

Eliminate Distraction while Studying

What do phones, televisions, and social media have in common? Distractions! When studying for a test, exam, or just for fun, try to avoid watching TV, leave your phone off, and disable social media notifications and applications. Distractions prevent genuine learning from occurring. Before you open the first page, get rid of any distractions if you want to get the most out of your study time.

P.S. Know when to cut off friends and family members, as they can also be sources of distraction.

You can therefore agree with me, quite rightly, that getting rid of distractions will make preparing for a big exam easier.

Have a study goal

One essential ability that all successful people have is the ability to create goals. Without goals, significant accomplishments are impossible. Objectives provide you with focus, vision, and direction. You will eventually realize that in order to lead a truly meaningful life, you must set daily goals.

How then do you make objectives for your exams? Decide on the scores you want to achieve and begin working toward them. Choose how much time to devote to each subject and base your score on your level of proficiency in it.

This will allow you to calculate the return on investment for your time.

Test yourself occasionally while studying

It is a good idea to test oneself from time to time when studying to ensure that you have understood everything. If at all feasible, hire someone to serve as your invigilator and timekeeper.

Allow your pseudo-invigilator to simulate an actual test setting. You can boost your confidence and get ready for the upcoming exam by acting like this.

Incorporate the Internet in Your Study Routine

The options that we enjoy now were not available to our parents. Because we live in a digital age, we have access to infinite possibilities. A few years ago, students had to drive far to a library in order to obtain information. However, these days, all it takes is a click on the internet to have the information you require.

Take full advantage of the internet by learning, researching, and answering questions with it. The internet is a valuable study tool that can help you prepare for and ace a test, so you don’t even need an angel to tell you that. Thus, pay attention.

Get Access to The Marking Scheme

Make an effort to learn how the questions on the specific tests are graded. Knowing how questions are graded and marks are assigned may help you decide which part to focus on more.

I was told this very important secret by a first-class Nigerian university graduate, and it really does work.

So, are you hoping to achieve good results on whatever tests you take? then familiarize yourself with the exam’s marking scheme.


Please make sure that you set aside time to review what you have learned after you have studied. Arrange and arrange your revision to prevent unneeded delays.

A timeline is a useful tool for organizing your revision. To assist you, please read this essay on creating a schedule for a significant exam.

I mentioned 21, but I’ve since added a few more pointers. You must have them.

Prioritize all Subject

Don’t ignore less important topics. Give each subject top priority. The subjects you consider to be weaker may end up costing you more than just tears.

If you genuinely want to do well on whatever exam you write, please make an effort to give priority to those subjects that you consider to be weak.


Exam success suggestions don’t end there; students often overlook the importance of eating well and getting enough sleep. Not only is it necessary, it is actually necessary! You risk burning out if you’re trying to do well on an exam. Never give up on yourself or your studies! After each study session, keep your mind clear and eat a nutritious dinner.

As a result, your brain cells will get more vibrant and your memory will get better. Consequently, it should go without saying that a balanced diet and adequate sleep will improve your test-taking performance. So, pay attention to it.



The above study methods can be used to prepare for any examination, be it JAMB, WAEC, NECO, or post-UTME. If you follow the tips here, you will definitely pass your WAEC without cheating. If you found this article useful, please share and leave a comment.

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